About ConsultantPlus

ConsultantPlus was founded in 1992. The company develops software products - computer systems ConsultantPlus providing legal reference information. Distribution Network of ConsultantPlus consists of Regional Informational Centers (RIC), which sale these products and provide customer support all over Russia.

ConsultantPlus products are used by many professionals: lawyers, accountants, human resources specialists, CEOs, experts from budget institutions and government agencies as well as scholars and students. The customers have access to up-to-date computerized databases on federal, international and regional legislation; a collection of advisory materials on accountancy, taxation, court rulings etc; thousands of transactional forms, including business forms, real estate forms, trust deeds, wills and many more. In addition RIC are developing databases on legislation of regions of Russian Federation.  

ConsultantPlus products were certified by Microsoft for Windows operating systems compatibility.

For more information on ConsultantPlus including Regional Informational Centers list, product profiles as well as demo versions, document reviews and online access to some databases please visit Russian version of this site.

To contact us directly please email contact@consultant.ru or see.